Wooden Work?s Clock Movement Restoration & Best Practices

latest edition, 140 pages, with Hundreds of photos and diagrams.


Wooden Work?s Clock Movement Restoration & Best Practices 2023 Edition

If you are lucky enough to own a clock containing a wooden works clock movement, you own a rare piece of history. You are just the current steward of a part of history. Like anything else, these clocks must be maintained.

Fortunately, wooden movement clocks are the easiest clocks to work on due to the large size of the parts, their simple design, and no mainsprings to deal with.

Wooden movement clocks are the perfect starter clock if you have never worked on a clock before but are interested in how they work. Repairs to wood parts only need basic woodworking skills.

This book will take you step-by-step on your journey to learn how to repair wooden movement clocks and restore your rare piece of history.

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