How to Make and use an Inexpensive Clock Depthing Tool eBOOKDepthing Tool

24 pages by William Bilger

The Clockmakers Depthing Tool offers the clockmaker, the repairman, the collector or the tinkerer a fast, easy, and accurate way to adjust - observe - measure - prove - duplicate - troubleshoot - most every application of gearing in clockwork.


With a depthing tool, you can closely examine the meshing of the pallets with the escape wheel, or the meshing of any other pair of gears without the plates in the way, allowing you to see any imperfections you might have otherwise overlooked with the gears between the plates.


This book will show you how to make AND USE your own depthing tool using inexpensive off the shelf parts from the hardware store.


Take your work to the next level and make your own depthing tool.


This is an ebook and nothing comes in the mail.