The Artificial Clock-maker

The Artificial Clock-maker

A TREATISE of Watch and Clock-work 1734

You read that correctly; it was written in 1734, and it will blow you away.  The best money you will ever spend.

Written by an apprentice learning his trade, and updated as he becomes very experienced.

167 page pdf eBook

1.    Terms    8
2.    The Art of Calculation   9
3.    To alter Clockwork or how to convert one Movement into Another    61
4.    To Size Wheels and Pinions   68
5.    Pendulums   70
6.    The Antiquity and History of Clockwork   82
7.    The Invention of Pendulum Clocks   93
8.    The Invention of Pocket Pendulum Watches   99
9.    The Invention of Repeater Clocks   100
10.  Numbers for Various Movements   108
11.  Of the Government of Chronometers   125
12.  Table of Parts of Time    169


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