Watch and Clock Making and RepairingWatch and Clock Making and Repairing


First published in 1953, this 430 page authoritative work, based on a lifetime's practical experience, has been in continuous demand and is recognized as a classic work on the subject. Its great strength lies in the descriptions and principles of watch and clock construction in an easy-to-follow manner.

The book opens with a description of the various tools and materials essential for good work; details are then given concerning the construction and repair of the various types of movement, trains, motion work and gearing, the various forms of escapement, keyless mechanisms, balances, balance springs, pendulums, striking and repeating mechanisms, calendars, chronograph work and chronometers.

The subject of cleaning is given careful consideration while filing and turning, the two most important operations in watch and clock making, are given special attention. The construction of specialist tools for repair work, many of which were designed by the author, is explained in detail and illustrated by working drawings. In addition, an appendix lists the various causes of failure and bad timekeeping.

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