How to Make an Adjustable Cuckoo Clock Test StandHow to Make an Adjustable Cuckoo Clock Test Stand

Well Illustrated   8 ½ X 11 Inches   5 Pages
Photos   Line Drawings   by William J. Bilger 

This booklet describes how to make an adjustable cuckoo clock test stand. The test stand described is a real boon to repairers and a must have for any serious cuckoo clock repairer. The test stand can be either bench mounted or mounted on a grandfather movement test stand. In addition the cuckoo clock can be raised or lowered for working on while seated or standing whether bench mounted or on the grandfather movement test stand. This is a great asset when working on cuckoo clocks with a roof mounted music box. Also while working on the cuckoo clock it can be rotated around to see the front or sides without the repairman moving.

The booklet also discusses how to mount the cuckoo clock on a grandfather movement test stand using a platform and a tool for assembling a cuckoo movement and hanging the movement for testing.