Clean Pocket Watches

How to Disassemble, Clean & Reassemble a Pocket Watch

Part I

This Book is in two parts. Part one shows how to disassemble, clean and reassemble a pocket watch. This booklet is for all those who want to get started in watch repair or for those who are just curious about taking a watch apart and putting it back together again. For those who want to get started in watch repair there is no better beginning than disassembling and then reassembling a pocket watch.  A pocket watch was almost made for the beginner with its nice easily handled large parts.  This booklet will show you with step-by-step instructions how to disassemble, clean and reassemble an easily obtainable pocket watch.  There are line drawings and black & white photos showing each and every step. For those who are just curious about taking a watch apart and putting one back together again there is no easier explanation available. This booklet will have you accomplishing your desire to take a watch apart in no time.

Part II

Part II is an essay which teaches and encourages a novice watchmaker in the pursuit of his or her vocation/avocation .At some point in their career, most watch repairers, whether novice or more advanced, will feel the need for guidance and instruction from a well-seasoned professional. Some watch repairers are lucky and work in a shop with one other and sometimes more repairers. These other workmen can always be asked for advice and guidance.

But many don't have that luxury of being able to call upon someone for advice, especially when it is most needed. Most watch repairers, whether hobbyist or professional work alone and are left to fend for themselves. This book should be a boon for those who are left to their own recourse while working their way through unfamiliar territory. It will take the place of someone who cannot be there and will be just as reassuring to you as if somebody was standing by your side.

It offers quiet counsel while explaining how to perform most watch repairs. Its strong point is that it exudes confidence when it is most needed, while at the same time extolling craftsmanship and patience.

It uses as its example an 18-size American stem-wind, open-faced pocket watch. It starts with an examination of the case. Then the movement is removed and dismantled. All the parts are inspected for damage. Now the author goes into describing the repair of imaginary faults he found while dismantling and inspecting the watch, including removing dents in the case. Most of the common and some not-so-common faults that are to be found in pocket watches are discussed along with the accepted method of repair. Then there is a detailed description of the watch being reassembled.

This is a great little booklet that is sure to help you in your watch repair endeavors. This booklet was written as an essay circa 1910 for the Tenth Prize Essay Contest in The American Jeweler by a very experienced watch repairer. There are nineteen 11 X 8 ½ Pages in this document. The essay may be dated but the information is timeless.