The Cuckoo Clock Owner?s Repair ManualCuckoo Clock Book

The most comprehensive and most up-to-date, Step by Step Repair Manual for Cuckoo Clock Owners.  220 pages and hundreds of photos and diagrams.  2023 eidition.


Why does a Cuckoo Clock Stop Working?

Most likely, it is because the works are dirty, need oiling, or most likely both.  When the clock stops, think of it as the oil light is on.  It’s a cry for help.  Without oil, the metal parts grind on each other, causing serious wear and damage.

Oil also attracts dust, which can make the oil “gummy’ and add drag to its operation until it can no longer overcome the friction.

The only sure way to service a cuckoo clock is to remove the movement from its case, dismantle the parts, clean, service, and put the movement back together with fresh oil and correct adjustment.  This book will teach you how to do this.

Covered: Regula, Baduf, Hubert Herr, Schatz, Rack & Snail, Count Wheel, Bellows and Weights, Movement ID, Cleaning and Oiling, Complete Step-by-Step Repair Procedure.