Repairing Watches Beginners CourseRepairing Watches Beginners Course

120 pages 8-1/2 by 11

This course will walk you through every step of servicing a pocket watch.  Once you have completed this course, you will be ready to explore the journey of servicing all other watches.  Updated 2023.

I suggest you purchase these exact pocket watches, working or not, and follow along with this course.  No prior experience is required.

This course uses several watches with dozens of close-up photographs, The Bunn Special and the 16 and 18-Gauge Elgin.  This finishes with an essay on repairing American Pocket Watches.

This is an eBook.  Nothing comes in the mail.

eBook PDF Version $9.95

Index 3
The Bunn Special 5
Servicing an Elgin Size 16. 35
Elgin 18s Procedures. 49
Repairs. 54
Cleaning Balance Staff Pivots. 54
Polishing Pivots. 55
Repairing American Pocket Watches. 56
Other Pocket Watches. 98
Pocket Watch Conclusion. 100
Seiko Automatic Wrist Watch. 101
Reassembly. 111
Professional Organizations. 120
The Epilogue. 121