Striking & Chiming

Striking & Chiming.  
Includes Count Wheel, Rack & Snail, Chiming, Stop Works and Night Shut-off

120 pages

A ‘timepiece’, is a clock that only tells time and has no means of striking the hour or playing melodies.  A timepiece is the most basic of clocks, and as such, are the easiest to work on.

Once striking and chiming is added to a timepiece, they become more functional, and more complex.  This book aims to demystify the more complex workings into simple to understand and follow along instructions.

Just follow the step-by-step instructions, and your clock will be working in no time.


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Introduction. 7

The Rack & Snail System.. 8
The Rack: 13
The Rack Stop Lever 14
Rack & Snail Operating System.. 20
The Snail: 20
The Lift Lock Lever: 22
Operation of the Rack and Snail System: 25
Locked: 26
Warning: 26
Running: 28
Minute Hand - Minute Arbor Lifting Cam Relationship. 29
Half Hour Strike. 30

Count Wheel System.. 33
Variations in the Count Wheel Strike Systems. 48
Things in Common on All Count Wheel Strike Systems. 56
Setting Up the Count Wheel Strike System.. 57
Troubleshooting. 61

Chiming Clocks. 69
Automatic Synchronization. 80
Chiming Melody Sequences. 88
Stop Works. 92
Hermle. 95
Kieninger 99
URGOS. 102
Automatic Night Shut Off 108
Notes. 120